[GUEST BLOGGER: Ami Tricker] Blogging, Writing, and Mental Health

I am really excited for today’s guest blogger, and the topic she has chosen to write about! 

Ami Tricker is 24 from Norfolk, England. She is an online volunteer for Scope – a UK based charity with aims for equality for disabled people. And she is getting married this September to her partner of nearly 6 years! After a life-changing event in 2018, Ami tries to look for the positives in everyday life.

If you would like to follow Ami, and I highly encourage you to, you can find her on Twitter and Instagram, or follow her blog here.


Blogging, Writing and Mental Health.

Mental health is one of the most popular topics to blog about. And why is that?

We feel that our voices are not being heard in today’s society and therefore we look elsewhere, somewhere in which our voices will be heard – blogging and social media, which are rapidly becoming an alternative therapy to combat mental health.

For those who have received support, including myself, from those in the mental health profession (e.g. counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) Can you think of the one thing that they suggest the most?

Have you tried writing down your thoughts?

I hold my hands up, I never wanted to pursue this because I thought it would not be beneficial. The reason behind this? I thought, what would happen if I were to write everything down? Would anybody read them and laugh or mock me? If mental health professionals cannot help me then what is the likelihood of pen and paper going to help?
It turns out…they were right to suggest writing. It really does help to put your thoughts and emotions into perspective.

Think about it, when you write something down, whether it be how you are feeling or what you are thinking – are they fact? Imagine the ink in a pen as if it were our thoughts in our brain’s. The ink is trapped inside until it is gradually released through the nib – at a steady rate which we can cope with. But when the ink is stressed and can no longer contain its thoughts and emotions, then it overflows – resulting in a mess and most commonly leaving a stain.

As technology is advancing, we are using our devices more and more which involves using our fingers more. The nerves in our fingers – imagine they are the ink too. The pace of when we type represents how we are feeling, if we are calm and relaxed then we can type at a leisurely pace which suits us. However, if we were to be angry or upset, which causes physical emotions, then we can feel the tension and anger building up inside us which leads us to typing faster in the hope to become calmer quickly.

Right now, while typing this post, I feel calm. I am letting my thoughts flow. As you can probably tell by now, there is not a structure to this post. That was the plan because I wanted to see what thoughts and feelings came to surface – all of which have been positive and got me really thinking about the beauty of writing and how grateful I am for my blog.

Over the years, writing was never my strongest area and I definitely would have never thought it would be one of my passions in years to come!

My blog, UndercoverSuperhero, is a happy place for me. To begin with, I started writing about my journey to recovery. I wanted to share my experience of my 9-month hospital and rehabilitation stay. I talk a lot about how I was feeling, what i was thinking, the scary, happy and funny moments. I pour my heart out. I also share my life experiences such as, my wedding dress shopping experience as a wheelchair user, planning a superhero themed wedding (Yes, you read that correctly!) and about anything that makes me happy!

Blogs were seldom 10+ years ago – now, in 2019, there are thousands of bloggers. These platforms have given us the boost we have been looking for – for our voices to be heard. We talk about what makes us happy, our interests, our struggles and much more. We may still have a way to go to remove the stigma around mental health, but do you know what?

We can do this. It is OK to talk about mental health!
Is writing the best therapy for Mental Health?

Did you feel that your voice was heard before you started your blog? What would your life be like now, if you had not started your blog?

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