The Blog.

Statement of Purpose.

“A mildly abrasive collection of thoughts, questions, rants, and the occasional unavoidable misunderstanding written by a twenty-something year old woman who is clearly neglecting the 500 million other important things that she should be doing other than this.”
– Myself

This blog has no clear purpose.

Glad we got that out of the way.

No really. This entire site that you are on only exists as a visual way of me, the author, to express how I’m generally feeling about a particular topic, idea, or situation in my personal life. Sometimes The Blog will discuss popular topics in the news, sometimes The Blog will be more focused on whatever craving to have for dinner that night and why my partner won’t agree to go get it for me. Sometimes it might include photographs or quotes that I find interesting. Other times it could be about the newest Shane Dawson or Try Guys video on YouTube and reasons why you should drop everything you are doing to go watch it.

I will interact with my readers. If you send me an email I will try my hardest to read it. Have a remark about a recent post or current news topic? Send me a message and see how I feel about it! If the topic is truly substantial it may make its way to The Blog, and your thoughts could be included with mine. If you would rather leave a comment on a post that I make I will try my best to respond to questions or comments.

The Blog is not just here for me.

“It looks good babe.”
– My partner who clearly became uninterested ages ago

It’s exists for everyone.

Myself. You. Your boyfriend’s neighbor’s girlfriend’s ex’s mother-in-law (yeah sure, we will go with that). If you can read, The Blog is for you.

With that being said, The Blog is also not just for those in their twenties. It’s for everyone of all ages, genders, sexualities, walks of life in any stage. Life is a journey. And journeys don’t have designated stops at specified ages. Nor are you no longer able to visit those stops again after they have passed.

If you are in your twenties and the thought of being an actual adult scares the fuck out of you, then welcome. If you are completely confident in who you are going to be when you grow up (don’t worry, I won’t rat you out for lying) and you just want some weird humor by watching someone have no idea what they are doing with their life, then welcome. If you are interested in the rantings of someone who probably should be doing something else more important with her time, then welcome.

If you are anyone reading this, welcome to The Perks of Being Twenty-Something.


Schedule of Events.

My goal is to post substantial blog entries every Wednesday by midnight EST. However, there may be weeks where that is not a possibility. Therefore, expect posts to happen between Tuesdays and Thursdays just to be safe.

For all other content (such as pictures, random thoughts, maybe-not-so-useful information, etc.) please make sure to subscribe to the blog for email and WordPress notifications!