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Honey is an online coupon finder that searches thousands of sites on the internet in order to get you the best deals possible for your online purchase. It works on sites such as Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, and many many more retail websites. Honey works as a browser add-on that will activate as soon as you click on a shopping site. As you fill your shopping cart, Honey automatically begins finding you the best prices.

Honey has partnered with YouTube celebrities such as Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams, and JonTron, who have each done advertisements to show how it works. I personally use Honey every time Dallas or I shop online and in just three months of use we have been able to save over $45.


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BetterHelp is an online resource that offers affordable counseling services After a brief questionnaire, the site matches you with the best licensed counselor to help you. I took the survey myself, which lasted maybe 10 minutes,  and I was notified within 20 minutes of a counselor who specialized in anxiety, depression, relationship issues, LGBT, eating disorders, career stresses, and many many more.* Prices start at $45 a week (billed monthly), and include texting and webchat with the counselor you have matched with, and live video chats for an additional $30.

BetterHelp has previously been partnered with YouTube celebrities such as Shane Dawson and Philip DeFranco. Dallas and I have honestly discussed joining BetterHelp in the near future, and if/when we do we will provide feedback on our experience.


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Blogilates is an online workout planner and community founded by Cassey Ho in California. Cassey does all the work for you from organizing your monthly calendar workout routine, providing daily videos, includes an active blog community, and even gives healthy recipes that you can do at home. Daily workouts range from 30-60 minutes and can all be done in your living room with minimal to no workout equipment. 

I have personally used Blogilates for about a year now and have really noticed a difference.** Most of the workouts are fun and energetic, and I personally think Cassey does a great job at encouraging you without being too demanding like many instructors on workout videos.

I was just listing examples as to what specialties that these counselors offer, this was not me saying why I was seeking counseling. It should also be stated that I know BetterHelp is going through some minor legal issues at the moment which you can learn about here, but I still felt that it is important to at least acknowledge BetterHelp as a resource for those who might be interested. 

**I must be transparent in saying that I have not always been the best at sticking with a workout routine. Between being general unmotivated and breaking my ankle last summer, it has been hard for me to stick with it. However, when I did I truly did love Blogilates and lost around 15 lbs in my first month of doing it and eating moderately healthy.

***I am not getting paid or any form of brand deal for posting these links on my page. ***

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