no one has it all together.

Trust me when I tell you that.

Adulthood is a strange and wild concept for everyone. It’s full of twists and turns and unexpected obstacles that throw you every which way without any notice at all. It is nothing at all like what you imagined when you were a kid. And the craziest part is that no one’s experience is anything like anyone else’s.


regardless of what they tell you.

And the worst part of it all is what they don’t tell you about growing up. The shit you have to figure out on your own or else you sink. They call it the “perks of being an adult”. Yet when you do figure it out, you don’t tell anyone the secrets. You sit and watch them sink and wonder why they couldn’t figure it out. Totally forgetting that you, yourself, once struggled with the same dilemma. Unaware that you maybe could have helped them.


I’m sick of that shit.

If you want an honest telling of life in early adulthood, then stick around. If you want to hear a twenty-something-year-old woman bitch out her thoughts towards life and her experiences, then awesome. I genuinely hope you take something out of what you read and figure out how you can apply it to your life.


Welcome to The Perks of Being Twenty-Something.


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Ask Me Anything!

A Q&A with questions sent in from my followers on Twitter and Instagram.


The Dirty Secrets: What No One Says about Sex and Sexuality.

“In my 25 years of life I have discovered that sex is probably the most taboo and socially uncomfortable topics imaginable. And there are a plethora of reasons why that is. But for this post we are going to just kinda ignore that for a bit.”

An honest and personal opinion about sex and sexuality, including my perspective on gender and sexual orientation.


Mental Health versus Reproductive Health: My Mirena Story.

“This is in no way a complete bashing of birth control or the Mirena IUD. At least, that’s not how I’m intending to come off. In fact I made the decision after my sister announced that she was pregnant to go on a low-dose hormonal pill to give my parents some sense of relief that I will not be having a kid as well. And I will always dedicate energy towards fighting for a woman’s right to take ownership over her own reproductive health. “

A brief memoir of why I chose to remove my Mirena IUD.


Life Update: The Honest, Transparent Truth.

“And I really, truly, honestly, and transparently wanting to thank all of you for the immense amount support and love that you all have shown me and Dallas this last month. The two of us have continuously been humbled by those of you who have reached out to offer kind words and thoughts. I always intended for this blog to be a community and a discussion, and yet here I am in such awe that that is a reality.”

A short post dedicated to why I have been absent a few weeks.


The Expensive Life of Being Poor.

“Yeah, my stuff may not be great, but the few good things I do have, I know that they are of good quality and are something to be proud of. To be honest, I’m a sentimental piece of shit so this goes for memories as well as objects. I have kept wristbands and other memorabilia to events such as concerts because they remind of of how spending $65 on a pit ticket was worth it.”

A brief discussion on how expensive it is to live in poverty in today’s society, as well as some positives to think about when reflecting on “living poor”.



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